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Ready to continue the conversation past our annual SDoH summit? Join our SDoH user group* to discuss pressing topics and learn from peers in an intimate Zoom meeting, taking place quarterly and moderated by subject matter experts. Expect to interact with cross-sectional stakeholders from health plans, health care providers, and community-based organizations to drive this industry forward by discussing actionable, tactical and scalable solutions to SDoH challenges and drive social good.

*Please note that participating in a user group is a benefit of RISE Association membership. Click here or continue reading to learn more about complimentary membership.  

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Join The Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) Community 

To participate in a user group, experience complimentary webinars, and access our member portal for 24/7/365 engagement, join the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) community, a part of The RISE Association. This is a place for cross-sectional thought leaders to share and learn strategies, tactics, and how-to knowledge to achieve better outcomes for the most vulnerable populations.

Membership is complimentary for health care professionals employed by organizations supporting government health care programs including Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Health Plans, Health Care Providers, Community Based Organizations, Government Agencies, Federally Qualified Health Centers, Safety Net Providers, and Medicare Special Needs Plans for Dually Eligible Individuals.

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